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Hooooo WHDLoad video & HD boot problem

1. WHDLoad video

Is there an option to set in the tooltypes, or in the prefs to set where the video starts from within WHDLoad games?
Right now, Im on a huge widescreen TFT thing, and all the games I play start with the video from around 2 cm from the top of the screen.

- Im on a japanese telly so, its prolly different for the guys not on 60hz ntsc sets ;/

2. HD wont boot ... unless...
I use the both mouse button press, then select to boot from DH0:
Im running from classicwb right now, ... looking into it atm, but the hd switch was set to "bootable" in the hdtoolbox thing. on a CF drive running on a SFS setup.

ta in advance,
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