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Toni, have you ever thought about adding a rumble/vibrate controller action per port?

So for example: when you lose energy in Turrican or a specific player gets dropped in a fighting game, WinUAE checks when a specific PC instruction event is triggered as specified through the trainer file it can perform a rumble action to a controller attached to specific joystick port as specified through the action.

Another case would be if there is a toggle joystick/CD32 pad change in the game, so when a game changes joystick modes in the game menu, the trainer file triggers the event (as per the specific PC instruction) and toggles the action to switch between CD32 pad/Joystick input mode on the emulator.

This is just the theory, if interested I can attempt find specific instructions for a few games.

and if you allow actions as per running commands on the host, we can even make the lights go off when Turrican enters the game-over screen.. :-)

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