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Question A600 only 2 audio channels

I knew the audio on my A600 wasn't working correctly for a few years now and I decided to try to fix it. Basically, it was very low and noisy. After gathering some information I replaced all capacitors and changed the power supply to an ATX one. This fixed the sound and also improved the composite video output a lot but there's still one problem remaining.

Only two of the four audio channels work. It doesn't matter if I have only one or two RCA cables connected I can only hear half of the instruments, the ones from the right audio channel (I compared the sound I heard with soundtrack I have on my computer). I tried listening with headphones and changed the pan on my amplifier to only hear the left side and there was completely no sound so it's not like the left channel is just a lot lower. Pushing the RCA connectors to any direction doesn't help. One thing worth mentioning is that one of the capacitors (C304), close to most of the audio circuitry, leaked. I cleaned the acid with some alcohol before replacing the capacitors around that area.

So my question is: what can I do in order to locate where the problem is?
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