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Originally Posted by Amiga4000 View Post
Nice! Can you recap an LCIII? It works perfect as it is now but I think it will eventually suffer the same fate as any SMD board. I also have an A1200 that's never been touched and also works fine but I should probably get that recapped too. Do you have prices listed anywhere on your site? Just curious. Thanks for letting us know about your service.
Absolutely, we have been doing more Apple stuff lately.

1200 - $85
LC III - I'd say $60 (one hour of work).

Together I can do $125. $20 discount. If you're interested feel free to send me a DM.

All caps are removed, pads cleaned.

If I find the board needs ultrasonicing, I can do that as well (we have a 30L hehe), I'd do that for discounted price too.
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