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Originally Posted by Speedvicio View Post
Apparently it is the same problem I found with Mednafen.
Unfortunately, the only way to obtain the audio output would be to force the use of the sdl driver, which is not expected from the options of openal.
SDL does not talk to audio hardware directly either, like OpenAL, it too has support for different audio backends, like ALSA and PulseAudio. So the big question is, what does SDL do on your system that makes audio work for you?

If there were an SDL backend for OpenAL, you would basically have this:

FS-UAE -> OpenAL -> SDL -> ? -> USB soundcard

Unless SDL supports a backend which OpenAL does not, the following audio path should be able to work just as well:

FS-UAE -> OpenAL -> ? -> USB soundcard

* Have you tried fiddling with .alsoftrc?
* Do you know what audio backend / settings SDL uses on your system?

Once FS-UAE 1.3.0 is released, we'll be able to see in the log what audio system OpenAL chooses on your system, and what other options are available. It will then also be possible to see (in the log) that the audio backend options in .alsoftrc are properly applied.

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