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Originally Posted by weiju View Post
Hi Frode,
you are right - as soon as I deactivate the SetPatch in the Startup-Sequence, the screen is scaled to the correct size.
Still, it's interesting that version 0.9.12 does not have this problem even with the same OS configuration.
Well, it's a bit interesting if the problem does not exist in 1.0.2 either, but 1.1.x got updated WinUAE code, so the autoscaling algorithm has probably been tweaked a bit. I might have a look at it, but it hasn't high priority now. -And changing the autoscaling code might break other cases.

One possibility, if no other suitable fix is found, is to add a hack to specifically detect this "error" and hardcode a fix for it, since these scaling parameters are not likely to be correct in other situations either. Not a very elegant solution. I'll see what I do..
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