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Ultimate Newcomer is coming soon. Interesting improvements for emulator users too. It's DonationWare like Enhanced Newcomer.

  • 180+ characters you can interact with, each with his/her own portrait graphic
  • 10+ people who may join you, to make a team of up to 6 members
  • ...or try it on your own, in the extra challenging Solo game mode...
  • 50+ different areas to explore, created with 30+ different graphic sets
  • 100+ cutscenes/situational graphics in-game, that make you feel like you are there
  • 180,000+ words of ingame text, mostly interactive conversations
  • No random encounters
  • Thousands of puzzles and situations to encounter and solve
  • Complex, non-linear gameplay with multiple levels of endings
  • Months or weeks of immersive gaming until you "complete" the game...
  • ...but there will still be a thousand situations, resolutions and encounters you have not seen yet, and 2 more game modes to complete!
  • Animated intro and outro sequences
  • Game controls changed for more comfort for emulator users on PC/Mac keyboards
  • VICE fully supported, extensively tested, no virtual floppy disk swapping, works like a native PC / Mac / Linux game
  • Much faster disk I/O in the 1541 version, compared to classic or Enhanced Newcomer
  • Less floppy disk swapping needed – optimized data layout, area sorting and duplication for all multiple floppy disk versions
  • 1541 version: 11* floppy disk sides
  • 1581 version: 3* DD floppy disks
  • CMD FD2000 version: 2* HD floppy disks
  • CMD FD4000 version: a single ED floppy disk – zero disk swapping
  • IDE64 version: 2 MB installed, "instant I/O", playing from HDD / CD / DVD / CF / remote filesystem (ethernet, USB, or User Port PCLink, via ideserv – IDE DOS v0.91 or newer required for this feature) supported, different data and save devices supported
  • PAL and NTSC Commodore 64/64C/128/128D/128DCr systems auto-detected and supported
  • 6581 and 8580 SID chips auto-detected and supported
  • C128 2MHz CPU mode auto-detected and supported – much faster unpacking for all storage devices
  • SuperCPU 20MHz mode auto-detected and supported – instant unpacking for all storage devices
20 years in the making, there has never been anything comparable for the C64.
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