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1. Is it possible to format the DH0: when it is actually running Workbench from it? Or do I have to bootup with Workbench from floppy, format DH0: in Workbench, and then copy CWB from the CF onto the blank DH0: ?
It is possible to format the running system partition, but the system will not run very well afterwards, so you need a boot floppy disk anyway to be able to copy files to the freshly formatted partition. (Be sure to have the PCMCIA drivers on this disk or you won't be able to access your copy of ClassicWB.)

2. I currently have one partition - the DH0: If I want to keep it this way, I guess I don't need HDToolBox then..?

3. Copy CWB onto DH0: That's it? No need to "install"?
Well, "installation" means nothing more than to copy the right files into the right locations. If the source is already arranged in the way it should be in the destination, then a simple file copy is enough.

As I already mentioned, additional installation (i.e. copying of missing files) could be necessary after the first reboot, depending on how much the seller did (or did not) prepare for you.
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