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Installing CWB onto a WB3.0

Hi, 'scuse me of my ignorance but I'm prettymuch a newbie to Amiga OS, since I've always just used the machine as a nostalgic gameconsole..

I've just bought a CF harddisk with Workbench 3.0 installed from a guy, and since I wanted ClassicWB, he's "prepared" the harddisk, by placing Classic Workbench in a drawer on my DH0:

He now tells me, that to install CWB, I have to copy the content of the ClassicWB drawer onto my DH0:, but when I try this, an error message pops up saying "drawer already exists" or something like that..

Is this really the method to install CWB onto a fully functioning WB3.0 or is there another way? And I'm not talking about WinUAE, I hope it is possible to install directly on the Amiga, since the OS is already on the CF? I'm not compatible with WinUAE

I would prefer to keep the existing filestructure and content on the DH0:, I just wany yo update WB to CWB...?

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