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The 692x540 "mode" (cropping the Amiga output at this size) was chosen for a few reasons:

- It is larger than 640x512 and will show all graphics in the overscan area for most games, while being centered on the 640x512 standard output area (e.g. the one Workbench will use by default).
- It is less annoying than using for example 720x658 which will show a lot of border which is generally not used, and sometimes there is garbage pixels in this area.
- On common 1080p displays, the image will be scaled exactly twice in height.
- It is a 4:3 format with square pixels and allows for pixel perfect scaling on 1080p monitors / 4:3 (On PAL, the pixels are almost square anyway, though that would depend on monitor h.scale and v.scale settings of course).

The "keep aspect ratio" setting is a leftover setting from previous versions, if you enable the quick settings sidebar in FS-UAE Launcher (top right in the main window), you'll see that the default is "Correct Aspect (*)".

Anyway, it's hard to define what's best - it's somewhat subjective. And as you mentioned, it varies from game to game what size/position they output, so the default should take this into account. This was my take at providing a sensible default which will work well for most people. If you have other needs, there are options available for tweaking
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