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Floppy disk Floppy boots but can't access in Workbench?


I'm new to Amiga and have ran into a problem.

I'm using FS-UAE 3.0.5 to emulate an Amiga 1200 running 3.1 Kickstart and vanilla/stock Workbench v3.1 rev 40.42

I can boot the Amiga with the following floppy:

It runs the floppy, a demoscene prog with lots of cool graphics and music. Fun!

My goal is to get a listing of the files on the floppy and copy them off so I can dig into the files.

Problem is, Workbench 3.1 can't access the floppy.
When attempting to get a listing in the Shell with DIR DF0: it tells me: Not a DOS disk in device DF0

From my research, my guess is that this floppy has a non-standard filesystem, maybe even a custom one the author did to squeeze more space for the demo.

Being new to the Amiga, I'm not sure what to do next.

Question 1: Is there additional file system support that I can add to Workbench so it will read this floppy?

Question 2: Are there shell commands or amiga programs I can run that will print more info about the disk, to try and figure out what filesystem it's been formatted with?

Question 3 (edit): Maybe I should use something like WHDLoad? Although this appears to be for a real Amiga and also looks quite daunting.


PS - Really loving working with the Amiga so far! Grew up with a C64, always wanted an Amiga

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