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Originally Posted by Cobe View Post
WB screen title bar during loading bugged me from the begining...

First I thought, ok I'll put black system configuration like we do for cds.
I knew I wont be able to use -=quit to dos=- then but I thought I'll just boot
without s-s when I need dos. But to my surprise screen was all black. I always thought system.device is not read if you boot without s-s..

I tried messing around with palette.prefs but it didnt go..

So I made tiny prog "lgt" that loads wb palette from lgt.pal file
Copied black systemconfiguration to devs:
lgt and lgt.pal to dh0:
and added lgt before quit in -=quit to dos=- runme script

Maybe someone will find this useful too.
Archive attached.
That's real cool, I might need to steal it if I make a third update. There's a handful of games on the release that have text screens (eg, with Lemmings I've included text instructions for using mouse or gamepad), where I'll either need to use lgt or just replace the text screen with a bitmap.
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