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I went beyond my expectations for the 4.1FE
now the system is able to do everything that 3.xx does
plus a better navigation with the youtube browser see for example twichtv etc.
My goal was to replicate a 3.xx system with the use of 4.1FE which I never had.
And simply a passion I said to myself why not use the 4.1FE as I did with the 3.xx.
The system is stable and works when I have time I add applications.
The path has often been full of contradictions but because it is the result of experiments and continuous tests.
A real shame not being able to exchange experiences with those who use winuae with this operating system.

Ok I can't use assembly programs and the like but this is not the purpose for which I use 4.1FE.
Time has passed for this kind of applications.

The 3D part of the operating system is not interesting to me.
all this remains in the sphere of the amiga world because only those who have lived its operating system understand the speech of a project that was lost in its time.

I'd like to see how fast Odyssey works with the Ryzen 3600

The 3.xx is there it works well I have no comments to make.
But the 4.1FE is a great satisfaction to be able to use it.

When you have time I will be happy to see some of your tests.
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