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Originally Posted by AC/DC HACKER! View Post
Completely agree with Toni. SysInfo is helpful with real hardware Amiga 4000. Though I don't run it often, it can be useful for some stuff..and checking hardware. Emulation, yeah..ppptthh...don't bother. Use your eyes (brain). Notice speeds that way.

I get DSI hits if I run E-UAE ( ), Directory Opus 4 or times. Choose to Ignore the hit and let the emulator finish. With the file managers...the current task, then reset machine/emulation. Usually DOpus doesn't cause it... There are bugs in OS 4.1.1, and the programs. Definitely with E-UAE's copying a file FROM E-UAE emulation to host Amiga. I haven't noticed any data damage from it..when I choose to ignore.

Again, it happens with real hardware and emulation (WinUAE) since you're new to this. At first I was resetting the Amiga or emulation every time, but then did some research into it and personal checks. Not any data corruption. I sort of look at it as a false positive such as with many viri checkers for Windows. Just finish task..and reset machine.

I switched to Ryzen 3600 and I can see a lot of speed differences vs my older 2010 Desktop. So, that's the best benchmark.
Good to know that DSI's aren't exclusive to me, haha... I do tend to get them often, but I'm starting to dabble with WB 3.1 a bit as opposed to OS 4.1 and I'm seeing far fewer... I have a couple different PC's setup with emulation so being able to eyeball things is sometimes tough as I use a KVM, but it's doable...

Thanks for the info!!
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