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Help Learning

Hi ,

I have just set up a WinUAE with HiSiftC 4 and SAS/C 6.58.
I have 'Amiga C for Beginners' and a few other Amiga and C reference books.
Very basic understanding of 'C' but no experience.

So I decided to type in the example Window program on page 231 of the Abacus Amiga C for Beginners using GoldEd which nicely recognized SAS/C and compiled the Hello World example fine.

Bur when I go to compile the window example it tells me the OpenLibary and exit functions are not dfined.

Trying HiSoftC and setting it to ANSI C not C++ I get similar sets of errors.

Most Puzzled as its not the most exotic of programs and quite clear as to what it is doing.

Looking at the SAS/C example 'lines' this has a completely different looking code to open windows and by using the includes from this and stripping the INTUITION_REV stuff from the Abacus code and the exit lines I can get it to compile and provide a window but of course no way to close it.

Please can someone advise as to what to set up so that the example code works , searching the net points to some setup code required by SAS/C using Pragma ? , as for HiSoftC I have no idea.

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