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Gorf, this is exactly the test i want to do,, my thoughts are if an Amiga had a USB interface, DENEB or other, then after the ROMULATOR< boots the ROM, it turns on USB and the amiga could see the contexts of the SD.

Ideas i have are partition the SD for ROMs and Games ADF, and use Goadf or some menu system.

Even a nice custom ROM that has the DENEB or other driver right in it so it can mount the USB and boot off it.

i hope this answers your questions, and i really hope we are on the same thought train.

questions for me is what options are out there for a USB interface? i know about DENEB and the icomp, rapidroad, but those are hard to get and expensive..

is there anyone that can make a cheap 68k socket USB device, or ZORRO usb device?

if this was put together with our SDE+ SD card and Ethernet all in one, we would have a really inexpensive device that does it all.
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