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Originally Posted by Leo24 View Post
Thanks, Noth!

Unfortunately, the page is down and via the linked files are not available. I will have to figure it out for myself how to configure "named".
Yes and Bind 4 being so ancient it's been out of support since December 2001. I'm going to see if I can get those files from some equally old operating systems, NeXTSTEP for one might have what I need. I'll get back to you as we need those files anyway.

By the way, I have another topic. On AmigaOS side the clock is set correctly, but Amix doesn't seam to like the date. I suppose it's an Y2K issue. Do you know if there is a patch for this issue?
Yes all you need is a new setclk. I've uploaded it in the Zone for you. Overwrite the one provided by AMIX and you should be fine.
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