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Call to A3000 owners with AMIX to test XDM

Hello all,

I've been trying some things with the A2410 card in WinUAE, one of which is getting a colour XDM login. This can be achieved by editing /usr/X/lib/xdm/Xservers and enabling the A2410 line and deleting/commenting out the last line that gives you the black & white lowres / A2024 XDM.

Then, for 2.1: run amixadm from shell and choose option 8 to enable the colour card and choose A2410, then option 9 and enable xdm.

For 2.03 :
sacadm -a -p xdm -t xdm -vl -c /usr/X/bin/xdm
You probably need to reboot now, and it should boot up into a colour XDM screen (salmon window on grey mess background).

Now the problem is, in WinUAE this makes the input lock up. Can't enter text, mouse cursor won't move. If you have the network configured and you're logged in remotely, you can still do a clean reboot and other operations, but even restarting XDM fails because of the probs in emulating the A2410 card's chip, I suspect. It'll just leave you with a black screen once it's crashed, and you need to restart WinUAE, not just do a reset, for it to initialize properly again.

So does it work OK on physical hardware? I'm most curious...
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