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Originally posted by IFW Practically most of them are interesting, like Sim City is dumped a zillion times, but all people saved their game progress back on the disk...
Well, twice the chance of good luck here then.

In CAPS list: Battle Isle is DE version (yet English text apart from the intro),
Okay, but my disks are still suspect, fingers crossed.

Body Blows we only have one good dump (don't know which version) due to mastering error,
iirc there was a recall, or the option to get an upgrade for it. Added shadows?

As for which disk being protected or not does not really matter, using an anology many games in mame are protected, some are not, but all of them are included The point is to get a 100% dump.
Ah, but in MAME most of the disks aren't available elsewhere already
And MAME doesn't include crappy hacks or bad dumps </dig at TOSEC>

Fiath will be back around the 18th, August, he is on holiday atm.
Yeah, I forgot he's quite busy atm.
I guess the rest of the originals (unboxed) must have been in the bag full of water I chucked last time I was here.

When I mail them, is it ok to carefully flatten the boxes with a sharp knife or is it not worth the risk of damaging the corners?
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