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Tested everything I could. Nothing appeared to be misconfigured on windows side.

On a hunch I upgraded from 3.1 to 3.2 Beta 3. Issue disappeared. a2065 now working. Haven't tried uaenet.device yet but expecting it to work also.

only other issue was getting "Couldn't bind name to initial socket (48)" when CNet tried to startup using telnetd. Had to disable telnet in inetd.conf that was put in when bsdsocket was used previously.

So to put it out configuration is

win7 x64 host
Winpcap 4
dual NICs ( 1 embedded and 1 usb nic. The embedded being used for WinUAE)
NIC has all protocols and windows components disabled including ipv4
WinUAE 3.2 beta 3. A2065 enabled. bsdsocket and uaenet.device disabled.
Emulated A1200 w/WB3.9 with Genesis installed
Genesis setup with A2065 device 0. Looks like I went with static IP.
CNET BBS 3.05 with telnetd.device
inetd.conf in amitcp:db folder has telnet line commented out with leading #
launch WinUAE with -a2065_promiscuous switch ( VERY IMPORTANT!!!)

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