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Great Nations

I'm trying to start a new game in Great Nations. The game runs but whenever I click "NEW GAME" I get the following error: "you forgot to run gnpak.exe"

I thought that I could just generate a random world within the main game without having to use "gnpak_m68k.exe" to create maps.

Has anyone had any success in starting a game?


1:MAIN:loading 'gndata.dat' size 19192 (PAK 'base.pak')
2:MAIN:GNDATA length 120384 bytes
3:MAIN:loading 'visdata.dat' size 985 (PAK 'base.pak')
4:MAIN:vis_size 11 (total vis' 121) entries 697
5:MAIN:loading 'landres.dat' size 537368 (PAK 'base.pak')
6:MAIN:loading 'fonts.gfx' size 13168 (PAK 'base.pak')
7:MAIN:8 fonts read
8:MAIN:loading 'layout.dat' size 2206 (PAK 'base.pak')
9:MAIN:loading 'gfx_82.gfx' size 940 (PAK 'base.pak')
10:MAIN:X=0 Y=1 W=640 H=512 M=00029004 FS=1 AS=0 OS=1
11:MAIN:gfxmode is c2p
12:MAIN:using WritePixelArray8 (KS 3.1 required for WriteChunkyPixels)
13:MAIN:loading 'gfx_80.gfx' size 51282 (PAK 'base.pak')
14:MAIN:loading 'tile_011.blk' size 157628 (PAK 'base.pak')
16:MAIN:block tiles 813 xsize 40 ysize 40 rx 32 ry 32
17:MAIN:gap 4 num 476 maxx 84 maxy 29 iconwidth 18 iconheight 22
18:MAIN:loading 'gfx_31.gfx' size 31927 (PAK 'base.pak')
19:MAIN:loading 'gfx_41.gfx' size 8411 (PAK 'base.pak')
20:MAIN:bsdsocket.library opened successfully (client)
21:MAIN:TCP stack initialized
22:SERVER:thread 'GN-SERVER' ID=4080C430
23:SERVER:SERVER running
you forgot to run gnpak.exe
25:SERVER:5773995 bytes of memory not free'd
26:SERVER:Max amount of memory allocated: 5779505 bytes
27:SERVER:memallocations left 324, graphicsmem allocations left 28
you forgot to run gnpak.exe
*** double fatalerror ***
you forgot to run gnpak.exe
you forgot to run gnpak.exe
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