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If the appropriate related links are showing for you below this thread and you weren't referring to the rumble , you'll find that last year Toni said that it does work. To add further anecdote, though I can't try the controls at this moment, I do remember sending a friend a very happy e-mail just minutes after I first had a working analogue set-up in F1GP - so it can be done. If I continue to remember correctly, I've used both a stick and an Xbox pad (via Xbox-to-USB adapter). There were no problems beyond occasional user error or having to reconfigure driver settings for the Xbox controller (re-enabling analogue, for instance).

Moving off-topic, is anyone keeping count of the reasons to be thankful for Toni's work, all that has gone into WinUAE and what it has given us in being another way to keep the Amiga and its software going!? So many years beyond those early DOS screens and I still find myself in awe of developments, in delight at each morsel of news and totally grateful both that I have access to Amiga no matter what happens to my 500+ and that someone (some-many?) cares enough to keep things going, all the while making improvements in the emulation and the capabilities within.

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