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Originally Posted by Mixon View Post
This game is very sensitive for timing
You can also try on A4000 (68040/68060 cpu) emulations this:

ExecuteStartup=UAE-Configuration cachesize 0 CPU_Speed real CPU_Multiplier 1 CPU_Throttle -900.0
ExecuteCleanup=UAE-Configuration CPU_Speed max Cachesize 8192 CPU_Multiplier 4 CPU_Throttle 0

It’s also works for me.

Thanks to these settings, the game finally started to run much slower. I hope an official fix will come out someday to fix the speed of this game. I have one more question: is it possible to change the processor type, e.g. from 68040 to 68020, using the whdload command? I tried to enter cpu_model 68020 in ExecuteStartup = uae-configuration however, it either causes a system crash or a reset.
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