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I’ve done a bunch of things lately that I can’t easily show yet.

I’ve made my occasional Parallels/MacOS/scorpion workflow much better, using my ancient MacBook Pro while away from home.. it’s super streamlined now. Just in time to go back to Windows again.. lol. though maybe not! I need to compare compile times, maybe it’ll run faster on my M1 Mac at home. Perhaps this is the sort of thing I should make video tutorials about, as some of it is quite counterintuitive initially.

Francis’ punch animation improved, 2 new frames. Having his arm/fist stick out without any pullback first looked a bit odd, now there’s more of a visible swing around. Anyone who didn’t like the old animation still won’t like this one though.

Anna’s high kick is reverted to an earlier version where it’s slightly harder to execute but much more effective. (And longer range)

Coins look much better now, I forgot to show that here.

The motorbike level has been redesigned slightly to accommodate the much stickier ramps in newer Scorpion builds, as well as removing most jumping! You can now wheelie without attacking, and attack without doing a wheelie, though you have to use wheelies to bounce up to higher platforms. It’s complicated, but much closer to how I originally imagined it working anyway.

Drawn most of Shazia’s store, one of the few hand pixelled areas in the game.

Tweaked snail and slug behaviour. Fixed frogs so they jump on ramps and everywhere else they’re supposed to be able to jump

I’ll hopefully be able to share video of new things in a few days time.
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