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Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
Use indirect addressing - two locations - one for address, second for data.
Yep, it's just not as simple as connecting the SID to the bus as is the case with the Zorro card.

IDE is just convenient connector with 16 bits data bus available...
Yep, as I pointed out, it's been used like that before. Using the IDE port like that requires careful consideration, like incompatibility with IDE splitters for example.

I'm not really sure what the purpose of your post was - I was just pointing out that these other ways of connecting it are a bit more involved.

Originally Posted by PR77 View Post
I really like the idea of a SID Chip connected to an Amiga. Does anyone know at what memory address the SID Chip is expected to be available at? Might be a nice add on to some of my projects.
The Zorro adaptor linked to above appears to map it to 0xA00000-0xA0003E (bytes at even addresses). That seems to be where it's expected to be by the software written for it years ago, but if you're writing your own software, you could put it wherever you like. A more "proper" way to do it in a Zorro machine would be to add it as an autoconfig I/O device, rather than a fixed address device that needs special software.
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