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Agree with first speaker, completely depends on platform.

OCS+: AFAIK Protracker 2.3F has superseded 2.3D? For 4-channel, low-CPU-load music, such as for games and demos. Greatly supported and 'the most standard'. I haven't kept up with support for 3.15, 3.62, 4.0+ lately, be happy to know if there has been movement here. There are competent more-than-4-channel composing programs for OCS games (e.g. TFMX), but IDK if any have been released yet.

Fast 680x0 CPU: (Normally means AGA Amiga with 68040+) Musicline allows more channels and clean synth instruments.

PPC/RTG: Don't know.

PCs: Protracker port is for Amiga MODs with the same restrictions. I've heard good things about MilkyTracker, and it's available for many platforms and has an Amiga Protracker mode for export. .XM MODs allow more, like FastTracker II, and is well supported on those platforms. There an Amiga port in the works(?) Not yet, though.
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