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GVp 030 Accelerator - Simm32's


just acquired a GVP 030 @ 50mhz accelerator from good old Ebay ! for my A1500.

It has the optional memory board attached to this as well,and
that is populated with Gvp simm32-1mb-60 memory chips.

For some reason when the memory board is attached the accelerator defaults to a speed of 36mhz.....rather than 50mhz !

Just wondering if anybody out there has had a similar problem with this board ?

Also......apart from Ebay,is there any where else that i might be able to get hold of some GVP simm32-4mb simms ?.....i am after 4 lots of these !

I have been told by the guy who sold this to me to take out
the 36mhz & 50mhz oscillators and put them in to where the
36mhz one was ?

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