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Hey I remember playing this at my rich mates next door. he had a spectrum with manic miner on it and his older bro had a c16 with xzap. I had a binatone TV sports game machine thingy - but it had analogue joysticks ...
we used to play the shotgun shooting game for hours - it was real hard on fast with the joystick speed on hi.
so was basket ball
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jeeze I hadn't thought about this game for years - yes it was clever and we played it loads when we got bored of manic miner.
I later got a C64 - still got it in bits - and still love playing the original Paradroid. Its got a classic blend of tactical shooter, strategic thinking and a cool puzzle game. The step kids thought it looked crap and took the mickey when i loaded it up. they then played it for hours and couldnt believe how playable it was even though it was really difficult to clear even one ship.
and looked about as good - to them - as a pair of old pants. I tried to explain to them that the metalic bass relief look was refreshing and innovative at the time but it was totaly lost on them. 'mmmmmmm' was the reply

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