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Sorry for the very delayed response, I was on a late vacation.

I have MMU set to MMU (not EC), CPU of course is 68030, and FPU to 68882, FPU More compatible is not checked (doesn't make a difference either way), and Unimplemented FPU Emu is checked.

I have tried on both my SurfaceBook2 and SurfacePro machines, with similar results (Intel i7 2.1GHz 16GB RAM).

I use now the Picasso II+ RTG card and it's fine. But I really wanted to try and emulate the default setup with A2410 (and possibly with the emulaged A2024 monitor too, once A2410 works good). Basically trying to replicate as best I can the authentic original A300UX full graphics experience without having to upgrade to X11R5.
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