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OpenLook under X11R5

Hello gents,

I've been having a very hard time trying to get OL to work under X11R5.
Let me explain :

I am emulating in WinUAE, got Amix installed perfectly fine and patched as per the various guides on amigaunix and the likes.
X windows starts up fine in black and white both using olinit and xinit.

But I want to use the emulated Picasso 2+ to get a better looking X.

So again I followed the guides nicely and was able to get X11R5 setup, and it starts up perfectly fine using xinit (and twm as the standard window manager).

Where I am having a hard time, however, is to get openlook to work. In all the guides I have seen, basically you wipe out the /usr/X directory, which effectively wipes out OpenLook.

I tried to reinstall OpenLook from the amixpkg, and run it via xinit (after having added the xset fp+ line and also the olwsm line) and it did partially start. But it complained about missing libraries (Xol.xo and, which I tried to create symbolic links for in /usr/lib.

But then, it gave me an error about an undefined XqTBoolean object.

So how did you all get to reinstall OpenLook after having installed X11R5 ?

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