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Exclusive Gamesmaster Zool & Lemmings 2 Levels/Versions

I've recently been watching Gamesmaster in an attempt to relive my childhood TV viewings (alongside the obvious Amiga gaming) which has been a pleasant surprise seeing many Amiga appearances and challenges.

Two of which have stood out for me the most, one for Zool and one for Lemmings 2: The Tribes. The reason being is the footage/levels shown on TV are custom made especially for the TV show and do not exist in the final versions of the games.

I've uploaded clips of the challenges in action to the RetroCollect YouTube channel in hope that it will gain them a bit of exposure and hopefully lead to them being found/preserved.

Lemmings 2 Gamesmaster Circus Level
[ Show youtube player ]

Zool - Gamesmaster Challenge Level
[ Show youtube player ]

So I'm hoping we can shed a bit of light onto these and hopefully get a bit more information of their whereabouts. Fingers crossed something has been archived somewhere and not all hope is lost!
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