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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
I think the question was no meant to be offending or so, just Scorpion evolved to be a very good engine and the guy asked without any side thoughts.
And neither did I want to imply that is isn't or that this comment was made in bad faith.

My thought process is more on the side of if it still makes sense to do all that huge amount of extra work creating custom engine games, if nobody sees or cares about the difference anyway.

What plays into this is also a tendency among a lot of Amiga users that don't really care if something runs on a vanilla machine or if a game needs an 030 CPU or higher, since most remaining people have accelerator boards.

Makes almost no sense not using an engine, I guess. Scorpion will be good enough to create most action game types soon. And if not on a vanilla machine, then on a slightly accelerated one.
I personally don't have any interest in using premade engines though, thus my thoughts about leaving the platform. Maybe not immediately, though.

So: this is definitely not meant as 'whining' or an attack on Erik's great work. Just some thoughts on Amiga game dev and if this situation still suits my hobby needs...

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