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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Ok, now it should work. Fixed:
- D3D11 OSD crash (D3D9 worked) if display moved monitors and they had different DPI.
- Weird scaling when switching RTG modes. (introduced in recent beta)
- RTG crash in full screen.
- Chipset buffer overflow in some non-PAL/NTSC modes (buffer size was not updated when vertical "wraparound" support was added)
Yeah! Finally working fine also on my sys with P96 RTG WB... (I had black screen freezes).
EDIT: argh, crashed quitting a WHDLoad game (native mode fullscreen -> WB RTG fullwindow). Will add dumps... wait

I have no crashdump: it just shows blackscreen and silently quits the emulator.
Cfg: as always see my signature for my current cfg
JIT On at Workbench

EDIT2: tested with JIT always Off even at WB, and still happened launching a pair of times Shadow of the Beast WHDLoad and quitting to WB.

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