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Easynet issues after re-installing on new cf-hd

Hi there,

It's been a few years but my old cf-card was faulty and installed classic wb again on a new cf-card. I also installed easynet (non-wireless) again and I thought I had everything correctly configured.

FTP to my internal NAS works but browsing the internet doesn't work. When using AWeb and trying the browser says amissl is missing (strange) so it asks if I want to browse unsecured. When I click on yes it redirects to

Edit: the url is a wel known dutch site but I can't figure out why https-sites don't work anymore...

Ibrowse does the same...


I installed AmiSSL manually but still the same issues. Easynet should work without installing amissl seperately...

Also when I go offline with easynet a log window pops up which says: "Got Ctrl-C while libraries still open". I didn't have any issues at all with my previous setup.

Does anybody have any clues what I'm doing wrong or how to uninstall easynet and try it all over again?

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