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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
You shouldn't use duplicate names. Your Storage_2 partition is not mounted because your Storage_1 partition has the name Storage_2 already taken as a volume name.
(Why did you format Storage_1 as Storage_2? Did you mix them up?)

Use device names (DH0, DH1 etc.) for devices and volume names (Workbench, Work etc.) for volumes.

And where did you get that Kickstart 40.69 from? It's not an official one. You should only use ROMs which are recognized by WinUAE. Everything else might cause trouble.

That would explain everything and managing to type the wrong name sounds like something I'd do.

I got the kickstart from Googling, I'll have to replace it because it's showing up as a A1200 rom come to think of it so it may be causing some of my issues.

And it was part of it, with a rom WinUAE recognizes as a proper A4000 compatible kickstart the system is actually detecting my UAE Zorro III and giving me modes for it

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