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New Computer Express Cover Disks 1 to 4

Have uploaded unofficial IPF's I created with Keir Frasers disk-utilities of the first 4 Coverdisks of New Computer Express to The Zone. They use the Rob Northen Tri-format bootblock and Amiga/MFM data so IPF is the only way to keep the disks compatible with all three formats!

Cover Disk 1 - Issue 148 7th September 1991
Amiga: China Challenge (Chinese Puzzle Game), bBase II (Sort your life out)
ST: Robotz (Rapid shoot 'em up), ViewGIF (View all graphic files)
PC: Captain Comic (Fast platform action), Canary (Discover viruses early)

Cover Disk 2 - Issue 149 14th September 1991
AMIGA: Missile Command (PD version of the arcade classic), Concentration (A real brain teaser)
ST: Koasdesk (An alternative desktop), Fractal Landscape (Generate fractal images)
PC: Daily Diary (Keep all your days in order), Commander Keen (Brilliant Shareware game)

Cover Disk 3 - Issue 150 21st September 1991
AMIGA AND ST: Air Warrior (The world's first on-line flight sim)
PC: Tex (Create and edit text files with ease)

Cover Disk 4 - Issue 151 28th September 1991
AMIGA: LoanCalc (Account for loan and mortgage payments)
ST: Top Chart (Graphical graphs), Zap ST (Examine files in detail), Snapshot (Screen saver)
PC: Air Warrior (Take part in the world's first on-line flight simulator)

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