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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
I have a Patched Kickstart but -What tools could I use to kick it -SKick wont reconise it after its been patched.

O and RomSplit is a great tool.
skcik will not recognize it because it's a hacked rom
skick only recognize originals roms
you don't need to apply any patch to kick1.3 file
you only need this archive :

read instructiones....extract the scsi device...copy it to a WB 1.3 disk
then make the mountlist file for your hardisk
then on WB1.3 type mount dh0:
and you will get your hardisk there

it works...I guarantee

****please note that if you have Rome 3.1 on your A1200 the scsi.device extracted will not work.....only works the scsi.device extracted from Roms 3.0
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