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Unhappy Jit Error

OK this one is probably aimed at TONI, but if you can solve it I will be happy.

I am making a Hard Disk with WinUae using Kickstart 3.1 & Workbench 3.1.

I am using WinUae Version 0.8.21 release 4

Now the problemm is simple I set everything up and enable the JIT settings boot the WB 3.1 install disk double click on install and it either.

1.. Does Nothing
2.. Crashes WinUae

However is I disable and do not use the JIT settings everything works fine

So my questions are this

1.. Will not having JIT running make a difference ??
2.. Is this a WinUae thing, a JIT thing or a P4 thing ??

Once the Wb 3.1 is installed I can then enable JIT and everything is Good.

Kinda a strange 1 I think as I know it works fine for most people
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