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Question Rodland + Double Dragon 3 together?

Was seeking out Rodland on eBay out of interest and noticed upon someone selling C64 and Spectrum versions of what seemed to be two games (Rodland + DD3) sold together in a single box.

Further conversation with the seller reveals that apparently both games were on a single tape - intriguing considering both titles originally took up two sides each.

He then pointed out to me a finished auction for an Amiga version of the same bundle, and it made me wonder - had I been under a rock the whole time a Storm double-pack of this calibre was doing the rounds?

Further googling on these two names revealed a store selling an ST version as well!

Shame I missed the Amiga bundle as it would've been interesting to see if it would be three disks as expected, or less. I did ask the guy to clarify the tape versions already and he's confident that it's just one tape, rather than (say) two tapes.

Kinda tempted by the thought of grabbing both the C64 and Speccy bundles now.......
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