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Scrap your optical drive and hard drive and get an IDE->CF back panel adapter and a CF card. That should reduce your power supply load by over 30%, not to mention making it much easier to transfer files from the PC to Amiga and cost under $10

Might be worth checking the ROM on your A4060. Maybe it is corrupt, an older version or the wrong speed EPROM. Same for motherboard EPROM. Try some new RAM SIMMS.

Might also be worth checking your MACH chips, if they are all MACH130 chips they are more likely to suffer from timing problems.

The solution for that is perhaps to under-clock your board, try some different SIMMS, if you have EDO try FPM, try to get 50ns capable.

You could try and run your RAM and CPU asynchronously. This is usually used for overclocking the A4060 but it might help.

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