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What is really prompting this is that Im currently having issues with my A4060 accelerator in my A4000. Basically since Ive got it, its already crapped out one A4000 PSU, and Im beginning to think the second PSU is at its limit. The A4060 is over at AmigaCenter France and JJB cant find anything wrong with it.

Its not the mobo either, as the mobo has already been looked at by JJB. So Im wondering if the PSU is crapping out. Symptoms that Im seeing include:

Here are some of the symptoms I was seeing when using the card with my system.
1) Power on system. Indivision AGA splash screen appears. Then blank screen. System freezes, as caps lock light stays on even when I try to turn caps lock off on keyboard.
2) After 5 minutes of using Ctrl Amiga-Amiga to reset A4000, system finally boots to workbench.
3) But if I power off system again and then try to power on, back to 1) again.
4) Overtime, the interval from initial power up and resetting to getting workbench increases (starts at 5 minutes, eventually was 30 minutes)
5) System hard locks up on Workbench and running demos. This symptom appeared last before I sent the card to JJB.

So maybe getting a proper PSU might be the answer. But If Im going down that route, might I just be better off sinking the extra money and towerizing it anyway?
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