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Cons :
  • Most official A4000D tower cases are crap and overpriced
  • A generic ATX case will need a lot of metal working to get the motherboard ports to work.
  • A generic ATX case will need the motherboard plate drilling (and possibly welding) to align with A4000D mountings
  • You'll need a bus board to turn the slots 90' DAMN expensive.
  • If you dont get a bus board you'll have to live with wonky zorro cards which do not align with the case slots.
  • You'll convert an Iconic A4000D into a soul-less unrecognisable PC.
  • You'll need an ATX to A4000D PSU adapter.

Pros :
  • Better heat dissipation.
  • Less noisy and arguably more reliable PSU
  • Screwless PCI/Zorro & screwless hard drive mounts
  • Front facing USB ports (if you have a Deneb)

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