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[Found: Battlemaster] Help with ID of fantasy strategy game.

Trying to recall the name of a strategy game I was quite into when I were a nipper.

Overhead view, strategy/fantasy game. Set objectives before you could move on to the next level. You started with just one warrior (and maybe a couple of supporting archers on the later levels) and you could recruit new folks for your party as you went.

Seemed to go up against a lot of orcs... Storm a castle... etc

Bought it from the local market for a couple of quid, so dates are anyone's guess - probably early - mid 90s though.

I seem to recall that the name of the game had "lords" in it, but none of the hits on HOL for that term are the right game - I've looked at them all. So the name I remember may be wrong.

Any ideas, folks?

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