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A browser-based Amiga emulation for iPad and iPhone

Hi All,

I am here to tease a new project for iPad and iPhone owners:

* a browser-based Amiga emulation solution for the iPhone and iPad
* basically a front-end for ScriptedAmigaEmulator (naTmeg’s JavaScript port of UAE), launched as a standalone, fullscreen, mobile web app

Some highlights (please switch to 1080p/60 fps mode in Yt player):

Launching the web app from an icon, touch-friendly user interface styled on KS1.x era apps, searching/browsing for a game in user-supplied external URLs database:
[ Show youtube player ]

(Amiga software can be loaded using either standard browser File API (from local storage or from cloud providers) or you can feed it with a list of ADFs hosted on external www servers)

Playing Superfrog using responsive touchscreen controls:
[ Show youtube player ]

Multiple touchscreen control schemes will be available, including joystick emulation optimised for platform and racing games, custom touchscreen keyboard and trackpad-style mouse emulation. Safari on iOS/iPadOS13+ supports gamepads (including PS4/PS5 and Xbox One controllers).

Playing Oh No! More Lemmings:
[ Show youtube player ]

I have it running on my devices for almost three years but only recently decided that I will be sharing it (I developed it for personal use it casually to run floppy-based A500 era software only on my iPhone and iPad). It’s not intended as a “hardcore” UAE experience or as Amiga replacement. The JavaScript overhead is really huge and it wouldn't make sense on any other platform, but Apple chips are really fast and they don’t get warm too quick so expect a full speed A500 experience on a iPhone 8 / X or newer. No Android devices I have tested were fast enough to make use of it, but Snapdragon 865 and 888 might be OK.

I will be posting some more information soon and hopefully release it (hosted version + sources) later this month.
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