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Moving files from FS-UAE to A1200

Hello All,

My first post on the forums!

I've recently resurrected my A1200 that I've owned since I purchased it on it's release in 1992. Recapped, replaced the HDD with an SD card, Gotek etc. All working and a great feeling getting to play all my old games!

Anyway, I have been trying to move some files across to it via .ADF's using FS-UAE, specifically a PD game I remember called Extreme Violence. I've found the game thanks to the forums and it plays great in FS-UAE. However I've tried copying it to a blank .ADF and moving it to the A1200 via the Gotek but without success.

The files copy onto the blank disc ok and I can see them and even run it direct from the .ADF in FS-UAE but when I move the .ADF to the A1200 via the Gotek the disc appear blank.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

Any help greatly appreciated

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