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Oh wow, I didn't expect a reply so soon, thanks.
And yes, the files you listed are the exact files I have been using:
Harlequin (1993)(Gremlin)[cr SKR](Disk 1 of 3)(Intro).adf
Harlequin (1993)(Gremlin)[cr SKR](Disk 2 of 3)(1-Program)[t +5 ATX].adf
Harlequin (1993)(Gremlin)[cr SKR](Disk 3 of 3)(Level).adf

And I'm using Winuae version

But Actually I was just coming back here to post that I did finally get the game to play, but not because of something I did differently than what I had tried previously as far as what you and all of the people in the other threads have suggested from the beginning.

What I did differently was I decided to plug in my gamepad (Thrustmaster Dual analog Pro - not that it should matter what gamepad is being used).

So I went through all of the standard start-up steps, and got past the "PRESS FIRE TO START" part (which I know now, is the only point at which the process allows you to use "Space bar" as the "Fire" button- for some reason deciding not to function at the "Press FIRE to continue" parts anywhere else afterwards? )

But this time: when I got to the "Harlequin Please Insert Disk 1" screen (the point at which I could do nothing before since no keyboard or mouse input seemed to work).
All that I did now, (after inserting "Disk 1" - which is actually Disk 2 of 3 or the "Program disk" if you go by the order that the game files are listed in) was press the corresponding "fire" button on my gamepad (which by default happens to be
the "A" button - if going by an Xbox controller configuration).

So all this time it seems I was getting stuck because I had no available/ functioning "Fire" button to trigger the loading process along any further, and my gamepad solved this for some reason?

I checked my winuae "Input" tab section and nothing seemed to indicate that I was using the wrong keyboard/ mouse configuration before I tried my gamepad- but for some reason it just wouldn't let me use a "Fire" button (after that one "space bar" part early on)?

But I'm sure there must be something that is set wrong because I was running into the same issue with another game I tried as well (Stardust -which now works using the gamepad) so unless these two games in particular are a few of the only games which you just can't play without a gamepad being used - I really don't know what I need to do to be able to play them without a gamepad plugged in?

Anyway for those who want to know exactly what steps to take to get to the playable part in Harlequin (with the help of a gamepad):

Step 1:
Starting with "Harlequin (1993)(Gremlin)[cr SKR](Disk 1 of 3)(Intro).adf" in the DF0 slot - you start the game loading process.
When you get past the Intro screen and onto the "Harlequin Please Insert Disk 1" screen - you then press F12 to open the Winuae drop down GUI menu and select the "Floppies" tab - then Eject the disk you began with and insert: "Harlequin (1993)(Gremlin)[cr SKR](Disk 2 of 3)(1-Program)[t +5 ATX].adf" in it's place (so it's actually "Disk 2" you are inserting at this point instead of "Disk 1" as far as the way the disk roms are listed/ ordered in the Games folder as mentioned above)

Step 2:
After inserting "Harlequin (1993)(Gremlin)[cr SKR](Disk 2 of 3)(1-Program)[t +5 ATX].adf" and pressing "OK"- you then press the corresponding "Fire" button on your gamepad (or whatever the hell else you can get to work for you on your keyboard or mouse if possible?)

Step 3:
You Should now be taken to the "Please Insert Level Disk, Press Fire to continue" screen. So follow the same steps as above as far as opening the menu with F12 but this time inserting "Harlequin (1993)(Gremlin)[cr SKR](Disk 3 of 3)(Level).adf" (the "Level" disk) in the DF0 slot. Then press "fire" on your gamepad (or keyboard/mouse if applicable) again.

- You should then see a "Using Extra Ram Now" loading type screen, then it will take you to the "Chimerica" level intro screen. From here you must press "Fire" once again.

Step 4:
After pressing "Fire" again - you will be brought to the " Please Insert Program Disk, Press "fire" to continue" screen. So you follow the Eject/Insert Steps again and put the: "Harlequin (1993)(Gremlin)[cr SKR](Disk 2 of 3)(1-Program)[t +5 ATX].adf" disk back into the DF0 slot, then press "Fire" once again.

Step 5:
Now you will instantly be taken back yet again to the " Please Insert Level Disk, Press "fire" to continue" screen. So you put the "Harlequin (1993)(Gremlin)[cr SKR](Disk 3 of 3)(Level).adf" disk one last time and press "fire". Now you will finally be taken into the First level of the game where you can play.

For me the controls were decent enough with my gamepad - "A" was Throw heart projectiles (attack) and the Left analog Stick was for movement (Left/ Right = run, Up = Jump, Down = Crouch) although if possible I'd like to use a button for jumping instead of the analog stick/ D-pad

So there you have it - the stupid "Fire" button issue was the culprit all along - but that still doesn't solve the issue of playing the game without the use of a gamepad for me, Anyone have any suggestions for what could be causing that problem?

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