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Exclamation ClassicWB UAE (ideal for beginners)


In order to use this Workbench, you MUST follow the install procedure provided

You'll need a valid Workbench 3.0/3.1 ADF, without one the install will fail

Vital and copyright files contained on the disk will be copied during the installation

This is required because Workbench is still sold commercially

The copyright holders can be found at:





Update Status

26th December 2015 - Pack Updated

Please read here for update details Version Info: v28u2

6th October 2013 - Pack Updated

Please read here for update details Version Info: v28

This special ClassicWB pack is targeted at beginners with PC windows systems. It’s easier to install than the other packs and comes with everything a new user needs apart from the copyright Workbench disks and ROMS. It uses a version of WinUAE that's been thoroughly tested to work with the configurations provided, so it may not be the latest version. WinUAE can be easily updated however by simply replacing the executable with the latest released if preferred.

The package is in the form of a zip archive that produces a folder containing WinUAE, ClassicWB HDF files and configurations.

It offers a unique base install package, providing a genuine classic Amiga Workbench experience. Due to the dual Workbench system and minimum system patches, it should have few issues running normal hard drive games, WHDload games, demos and software. It puts functionality first because these packs were designed to run on real Amiga hardware, not super fast emulation environments. If you prefer more eye candy, this install is a great starting point for building a 3.0/3.1 based system.

So what’s included?

Two ClassicWB packs have been combined into one package, all setup to run as one system in WinUAE. It contains separate HDF’s for each Workbench plus a shared PC directory for software.

Three configuration files are provided, with the main differences between them shown below:
  • Native AGA graphics running without a JIT cpu
  • Picasso 96 graphics running with and without JIT cpu's

They all share a PC directory called “Software” which holds all your demos, games and music. This directory also has the advantage of being accessible from windows.

Why have the option of a non-JIT and P96 Workbench?
  • Some WHDload games and software will only run properly with JIT and/or P96 disabled.
  • The native AGA graphics Workbench runs at the same screenmode as normal games, so no changing resolution when launching titles.
  • You have the choice of booting a fast P96 Workbench or an old school retro performing one.


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