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A shareware adventure game ( bit of a hard one )


I once played an advenutre/ puzzle game wich i think was set in an egyptian style world. The game layout was sort of isometric ( if thats the word ) and you controlled your charicter using the joystick. Now all i can remember is that the grim reaper was in this game and when you spoke to him he liked to be called thornantos or something like that. And every time you killed something he would pop up and wisk the dead body away. Now if I remeber corectly by solving a simple task you could gain the ability to bring beack the dead at the graveyard in the game. Also I remeber sheep as ambient charicters in the game wich you could kill. There were also human charicters that you could interact / talk with. A also remeber going into a prymid i ( i think ) and inside was like a criptain factor maze of platforms and hazzards ( spiders also maybe )but i always died in there lol.

The other thing i can remeber about this game thas it could be bought from a public domian shop advertised in either cu amiga or amiga forat. And the shops logo had a sort of old or mythalogical face/ head. But interestingly this PD shop ad gave a small colur screenshot and stated that the game had been intended for comercail release but never really made it. But you could buy it for like £4.99 or something from them.

Well thats all I know. Im sorry this post is not very well constructed but it was just my memoires straight into words.

Please help me and thank you for your time

Kind regards
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