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Haloween request: Elvira combat controls hack

I love this game to bits - I think it was my first videogaming blockbuster. Coming from the 8-bit micros, the dazzling gfx & sfx combo blew me away. The mixture of adventure-rpg-exploration is also quite great. There's one problem though: I totally suck at combat in this game, and there's quite a lot of it.

The combat system is real time, but quite simple: you're supposed to guess if the enemy will Hack or Slash and press either Block or Parry - and after succesful block either Hack or Slash yourself. You can do it by either clicking on the enemy's image in the main window (sort of left / right parts of it) or on one of the two little rectangles in the sidebar.

I'm almost always too slow with my mouse responses, which is immensely frustrating and ruins the game for me . The healing items are scarce and the only advice on Lemon is basically "save, pray2guess, reload".

I was wondering if it'd be possible to hack this game and tie the Block -Hack/Parry-Slash to two keyboard keys instead of struggling with the mouse. So it'd be still some challenge (instead of infinite energy or some such), but much more manageable one. Perhaps some kind, bored coder could have a little look into it?
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