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Originally Posted by porakone View Post
I have found next to nothing about Paragon BBS software in the internet so it's obviously not that common piece of software (altough I remember ~90% Amiga BBS's at least in Finland used it in the early 90's) but I'll try anyway.

The thing is, I still have my backups and have a little idea of getting it back online with WinUAE, but I have a little problem. It doesn't seem to run on any other configuration than A500 KS 1.3 1mb (chip) RAM, and afaik I should have a KS 2.05 machine to use AmiTCP (or any other TCP?).
No idea about Paragon but UAE bsdsocket emulation is 1.3 compatible, you "only" need 1.3 compatible telser.device or similar, I think.

I runs well on my A600 (standard non-HD with a HD) but when I try run in WinUAE with the same specs, it gives me Program failed (error #80000003) everytime I try to go to the messages section.
It means your specs aren't exact same

Could be even filesystem difference, does it work if you image your A600 HD and boot UAE from it? (Remember to use IDE emulation to 100% match A600 hardware)

But first try to boot without startup-sequence and use bigger stack (stack 100000 for example).
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